Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Hearty Picnic Bento

Eliana had a friend come over after school on Friday, so I put together a couple quick bentos so they could take them to the pond for a picnic. Because it was just a quick bento, I decided to bust open the single-use bento boxes I got at Daiso last time I was in WA. I originally got them for a workshop I was going to do, and then that fell through. So today I pulled them out to use.

I was surprised at how flimsy they are, but then again, they are one time use things. They are recyclable, which is more than I can say for ziplocks, so I am still good with it. They don't have any sort of closure, so I used a couple of those shaped rubber band "silly bands" that my daughter is so excited about. Worked like a charm.

I wouldn't use these for every day use, but for a workshop where I teach others some tips and techniques for packing bentos, I would use them. I have one of those dancing around in my mind right now, waiting to be planned, but we'll see when and how that will come together.

From Instant Upload
Heart apple, heart sandwich, and carrot slices.

From Instant Upload

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