Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Bento Supplies!!

I got some new bento supplies last week from IchibanKan. I'm very excited to use them in my bento making and especially excited at how cute (and inexpensive) the stuff I got is. Wanna see??

I got some new bento boxes for Eliana:

(just the bear box)

... and a new bento box for myself:

And some bento box straps:

(I love the little heart on this one!)

... and some utensils (that I know will fit in the lids of all of the bento boxes):

Some ADORABLE food picks:

Some cute sauce containers (and a little monkey spice shaker!):

Some rice molds...

some hard boiled egg molds:

... and some food dividers!

Lots of fun stuff!! New stuff makes for fun future bentos! (Actually, I've already played with some of it, so you can look forward to pictures of new bentos coming soon!)

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