Monday, March 2, 2009

A breakfast bento...

On Saturday I had an early (to me) morning aerial dance class to attend at 9am in Bozeman. Because I never eat breakfast if I have to get out the door in the morning (I don't purpose not to eat breakfast, I just usually forget about it until I'm in the car), I decided to plan ahead and make myself a little breakfast bento last Friday night. My bento supplies had just arrived, so I took the opportunity to play a little bit. I used my own new bento box, and borrowed Eliana's heart strap to go with the theme inside my bento...

Breakfast Bento

That's the outside, and here's what I put in it...

Breakfast Bento

Didn't it turn out cute?? It's very pink, and very heart-y. It would have made a great Valentine's bento. The bottom section held baked pancake hearts sprinkled with sugar (because I accidentally forgot to put the sugar in the batter - oops!) and fruit leather hearts. The top section had 3 silicone cups (pink, of course) filled with yummy stuff to complement the pancakes. The first, and lightest colored, was whipped cream. I remembered that we had heavy whipping cream in the fridge, so I couldn't resist making some up as a splurge. =D Guess this wasn't a "diet" bento... The second cup held strawberry yogurt. The third cup held pureed strawberries to dip my pancake hearts into. Of course, they were topped with a pink food divider (which also helped keep the cups from spilling) and fruit leather hearts.

As much as I liked how visually appealing this bento was, I have to say that it tasted even better. And it was fun to make something cute for myself instead of Eliana for once! I will definitely have to make myself bentos more often, especially if they are pretty, indulgent bentos like this one!

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  1. Oh, my goodness, that looks so good!! You are an inspiration! :-)