Monday, November 26, 2012

Bento Lunch Notes!

I love to put little notes in Eliana's lunch box. Unfortunately, I am not really the "write a sweet note each day" kind of mom. In fact, I'm a "prepare as much as I possibly can ahead of time so the morning routine is less stressful" kind of mom. Thus the "5 bentos each Sunday night" routine. Because I am that way, I utilize pre-made lunch notes and just write things like "Love, Mommy" on them.

There is only one problem I've found... I like to tuck the notes into the utensil compartment of the bento, and most printables are not designed for that. They either have to be folded in half to fit, or I do something like this:

I am almost done with the printable lunch notes I got ready at the beginning of the year, so tonight I set out to make some that fit into bentos. Here's what I came up with...

Download them here.

I am excited to use these for her lunches! This will get me at least through 2 weeks, and, hopefully, that will give me enough time to think through some more over the Christmas break so that I have some for Spring! If you use them, give me a little shout out so I know they've been loved by someone other than me! Thanks for stopping by!

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