Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Contemplating a little workshop...

I've been noticing some more local interest in bento-ing, and I'm considering putting together a little "how-to" workshop with some tips on putting together bentos, getting toddlers to eat through fun food, time savers when it comes to cute food, where to get supplies, etc. Nothing too fancy, but I think it would be fun.

I'm also considering trying to get a group of people together to place an order from Daiso. You have to order wholesale, so they come in boxes of 10 items. I don't know if we could get 10 people together, but I'd love to try!

I also had a little vision of opening a little bento shop where people could purchase supplies locally, but that's just a pipe dream. =D Still, it would be cool! And cute! And we could give lessons. Tee hee!

DANG! I just (for fun) entered a bunch of stuff into Daiso to see how much it would cost for shipping and all of that... Turns out if we could get 10 people together who wanted bento supplies, I could put together a COMPLETE bento starter kit for $25 a person, including shipping. It would include... 5 bento boxes (one for each day of the week, or a couple for kids and a couple for mom), a fork with holder, 2 sets of cute food picks, 2 sets of baran food dividers (grass and veggies), 2 straps, 4 silicone butterfly cups, and 2 boiled egg molds.

Bentos make me giddy.

Soooo.... anyone interested in going in on a bento order??

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