Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rapunzel... the Robot?

I saw this idea somewhere last week and I had to give it a try. I don't remember what the originator called it, but I call these "Spaghetti Dogs." =D Here's how it works...

First, you stick dry spaghetti noodles into a hot dog, however you'd like:

Spaghetti Dogs

Spaghetti Dogs

Then, you boil the spaghetti-speared hot dog pieces:

Spaghetti Dogs

They sort of "swim" around the pot of boiling water, which is especially fun for the ones that look like little squids. =D

Once you pull them out of the boiling pot, the spaghetti is soft and has swollen to fill the hole it is in, so it doesn't fall out. It's pretty cool!

I really wanted to use this technique to make a head with hair, so that's what I did for this one. She ended up with really long hair, so I thought it would be fun to make a Rapunzel bento, but it didn't really turn out that way. Really, she ended up looking like an evil robot, I think. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Robot Rapunzel

Still, it was fun to make the Spaghetti Dogs. We'll have to do that again. And I think it would be fun for kids to make their own designs with the spaghetti.


  1. Very cool! I'm sure the boys would like spikey headed robots! :-) I'll have to try that.

    What else is in the bento? What are those small box-shaped things? Ham pieces? Will you tell what is in it and how you arranged it? :-) Please, please?! :-)

  2. Okay, Jaime.... A tutorial isn't enough? You have to have the bento details, too! Sheesh! =D

    I put 3 slices of canadian bacon on the bottom to start, and rolled up another slice on the end for the girl to stand on. The head, arms, and legs are hot dog. Fingers and hair are spaghetti. There are a few green beans behind the girl, mostly to lift up her arms so they sat at the same level as the body. Plus it added a little green since this bento is lacking in vegetable. =D The shirt is tofutti cheese. And the little squares and called "Fruit Nuggets." They're little fruit snacks that have a harder shell around them so they don't get all sticky and slimy or melt. =D We love them! (I get them at Target - that's the only place I've ever found them.)

    Is that better for you? ;)