Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well... Here we are again....

Once again I am starting a new blog. I am finding my new bento habit is taking over my child-rearing blog, so I think it's time it has a blog of its own. So... welcome to BENTO-RIFFIC!

I love all things crafty and creative, so I figure it was only time before my newest craft involved food (in a form other than baking, cupcakes, cake decorating, or candy making...) and when you have a 2 year old daughter like I do, it's just too hard not to get sucked into cute food!

So here I am. Sucked into the cute food world of bento. But I love it. And she loves it. So let's just embrace it, shall we?

I will work on posting some of my previous bentos over here, but for right now most of them are posted on Train Up A Child. I have some other bentos I haven't yet posted, but I suppose I will be posting them here when I finally get them up.

As a SAHM of a toddler who isn't in daycare or preschool, I don't make bentos every day. I think it would be fun to get to that point, but right now I only make them for special days or when we are going out. Now that it's starting to warm up, I'm hoping we'll be getting out more often. =D

Anyway.... enough of an introduction. I think this blog makes my addiction to Bento official, and my order of bento supplies will be arriving on Thursday, which will only fuel the fire. It'll be bento-riffic!

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